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Shortest Day

It's been and gone. Which means a lot if you are an especially young plant looking to take your first steps into becoming a fully functional member of a plant family. We certainly notice the difference when we are looking at young juvenile plants, especially from TC. Plants certainly start to pick up their growth rate and just, well, look more excited to be alive.

I know the feeling, it is like reaching a peak knowing that the rest of the year is an accelerating downhill slide into summer.

This year has gone so fast to date, being broken up with a compulsory COVID holiday for most.

COVID would appear to be altering our lives on a world scale for the near future, with international travel a thing of the past and many people still in employment limbo.

Not so, in the garden industry it would seem. I don't think I have had a conversation with a nursery owner/manager which does not have a component regarding how busy they are. Plants are flying out the door in spring-like volumes, which does rather beg the question, what happened to winter? And what happens next?

Good questions. Winter is kind of here with a bit more rain (way not enough in Auckland), but the average temperature is still well up. We have had a couple of nights where the temperature has dropped to mid-single figures in Auckland, but not enough to do any more than to slow growth rates, continuing what has been an extraordinary growing season.

In terms of demand and future forecasts, there is every indication that through pure good circumstantial luck, the garden industry is riding a ripper of a demand wave.


All plants are COVID free

Empty shelves make it
easier to clean

Riding the Crest

People are staying home more, which tends to leave more disposable income available and are inclined to splash out on making the home environment a nicer place. Vegetable gardening is to the fore as is an appreciation for a safe space to escape to, which for many will be an enhanced back yard.

So lots of positive boxes being ticked for garden industry folks.
Plants that offer instant gratification such as Lavender are super hot at present, and one of the best ranges to grace our doors is the Sensation Range.

Bred by John Rob of Paradise Plants in NSW Australia, this range seems to have a flower on it all year. Autumn and winter see them covered in bloom and it just keeps on going through spring.

We have two colours available on our 'grab it list' 'Sensation Purple' and 'Sensation White'. They are both stars, but the white is stunningly ahead of any other white lavender on the market. We are conducting the PVR trials at Lyndale for some of the series, including 'Sensation White'. Suffice to say it is well named with, no other white lavender even in flower over autumn and winter.


Raised beds increasingly
popular at home

Lavender 'Sensation Purple'

Lavender 'Sensation White '

Dead Griselinia

Often a casualty over a dry summer, Griselinia have proved to make an awesome clipped hedge, but the odd death in a hedge line is disconcerting to gardeners and starting to give them a bad rap.

Griselinia 'Whenuapai' (Griselinia 'Green Hedgemaster' in Europe) has proven to be a MUCH more robust selection than others. Not only does it tolerate dry conditions,a it also has survived negative 15°C in Ireland over several winters. A local great, tough addition to the hedge range that incidentally clips better with its smaller leaf size.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Griselinia 'Whenuapai'

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