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New Beginings

A new year, but with a difference to which almost all of us have experienced. Namely we now know what it is to live on an island that is surrounded by a world still deeply engaged in its battle with a disease which is within its country borders. We can only hope that the new year continues with the COVID status we currently enjoy and that the rest of the world might get to experience the same free of COVID status.

I recently had a secondhand experience of our quarantine system.
My daughter, her partner and my grandson travelled from Berlin, arriving in New Zealand on December 10th. They then stayed for 14 days compliments of the government in managed isolation at the Pullman Hotel in Auckland city.

Jemma (Daughter) and Christoph are keen observers of the NZ system of dealing with COVID and the quarantine system in particular as they reside in Germany; which has done OK but not as well as we have in NZ in preventing the spread of the disease in our respective countries.

Christoph is also an MD whose speciality is Infectious Disease, so extra motivation to observe a system that has worked reasonably well.

The verdict was extremely positive. The people handling and the treatment they received was excellent and appropriate. Where you get to stay in managed isolation is bit of a lottery, however their luck was in and they felt well looked after and catered to.

This feeling was not universal judging by people's reactions as they were released from quarantine 14 days to the hour that they entered. Some clearly coped with compulsory confinement better than others, something to be expected.


Looking Forward

There is every indication that the bounty of interest in the garden sector experienced last year will continue well into 2021 and beyond.

Shortages in the supply chain of plants will continue as will consolidation of the links in the production of plants.

Supply chains which have an overseas component will remain challenging to manage as we struggle with freight irregularities and the inevitable increases in freight charges as the world logistical supply chain continues to struggle.

That aside, it has been a wonderful summer in our part of the country with reasonable rainfall to offset the heat of summer. Auckland's water supply issues are NOT front and centre of the news headlines which can only mean that the water supply is holding up.

Drought tolerant grasses like Lomandra continue to be in great demand as people see the worth of their tough no nonsense place in a landscape.

Some interesting approaches to trimming Lomandra have surfaced, with variations of cube cuts (awful) to the egg-shaped topiary cuts favoured by those that maintain the gardens of service stations and supermarkets.

With the industry coming to terms with Agapanthus being banned for sale and distribution except for those selections that have been proven to be of suitably low fertility.

I have talked about Agapanthus 'Pavlova' previously with each Christmas reminding me what a truly special plant this beauty is as it comes into flower in the weeks prior to Christmas and holds it flowers into February.

A real beauty bred here in New Zealand by Terry Hatch, truly one for flowering Christmas gardens.


Still issues in the supply chain

Kind of like a Tanika haircut

Tanika - number one grass in NZ

Agapanthus 'Pavlova'

Spot The Newbies

Introducing our two new fantastic irises 'Tiramisu' and 'Sun Grooves'. This is the first time these new exclusive breeding from our Dutch colleagues have been offered in New Zealand. They are available to purchase this month!

The team hope this finds you well and rearing to head into the new year.

Best wishes for 2021.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Iris 'Tiramisu'

Iris 'Sun Grooves'

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