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A New Year

Certainly at this end of the country we all felt like we had been through a washing machine followed by being fed through a mangle (for younger people a mangle is a device that squeezes fluid out of washing).

In short, the end of 2021 was well received.

At Lyndale the Team was quite exhausted after the COVID troubled year that added so much drama and uncertainty, not to mention restrictions to our lives.

Anyway enough of the past we are into a whole new adventure of 2022.


Healing Garden

Spending more time in our garden is always a pleasing experience for me and looking at my favorite plants at this time of year always brings a smile.

I know I write about this favorite every year at this time, and hey why not, it remains a consistent stand out.

Agapanthus 'Pavlova' is a beauty, bred by plantsman Terry Hatch, and deserves more recognition than what it receives both locally and overseas.

Additionally, most markets around the world prefer blue shades of Agapanthus to white, and the deeper the blue the better.

Except when you see it in a garden situation planted in mass. Always in flower for Christmas and continuing into February it remains a garden winner in my book of wonderful garden plants.

We have sold out of available plants but more are on the way, so do order now.

Speaking of selling out, last year we listed (as a market test) some Iris selections from one of our Dutch breeding partners.

They sold out super fast!

Right now we have one of the selection available again (it is faster than the others).

Iris 'Sun Grooves' is available now and it is a beauty. A real groovy Iris that takes colour to a whole new level. The falls are a burnt orange and the standards are creamy blue with hints of yellow.

Siberian Iris such as 'Sun Grooves' are prolific flowers in late spring flowering after Bearded Iris. The dry tolerant nature of these hardy rhizomes make Siberian Iris an ideal choice for water wise gardeners, they also tolerate poor soils but will thrive in a rich humus.


Relaxing at home

Agapanthus 'Pavlova'

Iris 'Sun Grooves'

New Year Surprise

Day Lilies - we have four new to NZ varieties that are rust resistant including H. 'Bettylen' which has flowers that are almost 100mm wide of deep purple with white trim and a bright green throat.

They are all exciting varieties with a difference to anything on the NZ market.

Take a look at H. 'Punch Yellow', the flowers are two toned yellow and orange and flower from summer till well into autumn. The two red selections are equal show stoppers.

Try them!


Hemerocallis 'Punch Yellow'

Hemerocallis 'Ruby'


What Else?

In the UK Liriope muscari gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. Originating in East Asia, China, Japan and Korea, it is primarily found as a woodland perennial, and what a sight it must be as a forest floor covering.

Right now, it is eye catching to the extreme.

Easily grown in most soil types in full sun to shade, it is amazingly tolerant of heat, humidity and drought.

So, what is not to like about this plant? It can and does sometimes look messy especially in winter, but nothing that a hard cut back or indeed a mow can't fix.

Additionally, the tuberous roots are used in Traditional Chinese and Korean medicine, with claims that the roots have anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, aphrodisiac and stimulant qualities.

It is used in a tonic in Korea to increase stamina, also as an expectorant (used to treat coughs).

I like it because it looks great at this time of year and stands up well to the heat we are experiencing but given the above it really is a must have plant , especially if you are brave enough to start eating the roots, but to that I lay no claims.

We have Liriope muscari available.

We hope to have surplus of Liriope muscari 'Monroe White' and the selection Liriope muscari 'Royal Purple' available soon.

This selection in the shade is really something and I am guessing that if all else fails you can eat this one too for added stimulation!!

On that note the Lyndale Team wish you all the best for 2022.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Chinese garden

Not our recommendation


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