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A Happy Plant

Breaking with my usual format for writing this blog, I am first up going to share my thoughts on a plant that I am looking at out the window.

It sits in a rather large pot on our deck, in fact we have a few strategically dotted around the garden, all in rather large ceramic pots.

Their presence proceeded a late summers wedding which we hosted at our home for special friends who were to be married.

The event was a huge success with nature providing an absolute cracker of a day.

We had flowers in beds everywhere and the place did look stunning.

However, the large Argyranthemum 'Sultans Pride' while looking very majestic and quite a presence, were conspicuous in their absence of flower.

I now attribute this to a shyness on big occasions as they have not faltered since. As we tick off the last days of autumn with winter officially about to kick off, they are now conspicuous in their grandeur of flower and form.

Usually, the parade of various Federation Daisy selections fails to ignite my imagination, but here we are, 'Sultans Pride' has wowed me if for no other reason than it is flowering NOW and has been doing so through spring and summer but took a break when it mattered on the big day of the wedding.

All is forgiven, so much so that we have added it into the Lyndale available list this month. It is a happy plant that brings a smile.


Argyranthemum 'Sultans Pride'

IPPS Conference

It was the first industry conference gathering since COVID hit our shores, and it was a significant event as IPPS NZ ticked off 50 years of being established in New Zealand.

Many of those who were at that first meeting are still with us, even if they were not all in a position to join the recent meeting in Hamilton.

I was told I have been a member since 1981 which sounds a long time ago and while some things don't change, some do.

One of the most dramatic changes I have observed in that time was the different attitude to commercialization.

Reasonably early in my IPPS membership, I was honored to fill the role of International Director.

At an international meeting I was attending I was shocked to see a delegate stand and loudly berate and accuse a speaker of pushing a commercial agenda for the way that they referred to a known commercial brand of rooting hormone as advantageous.

The speaker had to leave the stage. I quickly reviewed what I was about to talk about!!


Hobbits came in all sizes

Any hint of commercialization ...

Budget Blues

Politics and religion are subjects which I have found are better not "blogged" about, BUT I will say that our small businesses are taking a beating in the incessant addition to compliance obligations, which had no respite in the recent budget.

Be it the extra sick leave, extra public holidays, minimum wage, or the social work role that employers are expected to carry out and fund. It is no surprise that so many small businesses are reviewing their future.

The government is also being either purposefully misleading or naive to think that we are now NOT about to face a new round of inflation.

This will be fueled by the COVID induced shortage of material and their increased freight cost component, low interest finance, a shortage of labour, additional costs of labour, huge significant increases in the price of electricity and transport costs and the additional cost of compliance required to carry out business activities.

This will all compound as a new rush to Australia gets underway.
For a young couple with their working future ahead of them, why would you not head across the ditch to a country with a lower cost of living, lower housing costs, and being a larger economy, greater opportunities?

In the words of Winston (Churchill NOT Peters),
"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries."

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Budget Blues Brothers/Sister

Winston Churchill

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