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Six Weeks and Counting

Five weeks at level four over peak production and sales time has certainly taken its toll on Auckland Nurseries.

For Lyndale, now that we are back at level three, we are excited to have our full crew back on the job.

Suddenly the Nursery feels an alive vibrant place again, it is a fantastic feeling to be back into the swing of full-on production and dispatch mode.

We are fortunate in that we do have all our staff back at work now. For many the public health experts and politicians, ably supported by the frenzied media have done a good job of making the public fearful of Covid 19 with many opting as they can, to opt not to return to work under level 3.

Such a good job has been done on the fear spin that us the public at large have been willing to accept multiple restrictions on our civil liberties which are disproportionate to the risk of us contracting Covid 19.

Surely it is time to stop ruling by fear. Rather, reassure people that living with the virus in a world that we are part of, is possible, as long as, you are vaccinated.


Media contributing to the fear level

A Health and Safety issue?

Under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015, employers became more responsible for the health and safety of employees.

Identifying hazards and minimizing risk is all part of what employers do these days.

Given this and the level of fear that the public at large express over Covid, it is easy to understand why more public commentators are questioning the Minister for Covid 19 Response, Chris Hipkins, when he states that vaccination will remain voluntary in NZ, while the matter is looking increasingly like becoming a workplace health and safety issue under the act which will see those that are not vaccinated identified as potential hazards!


Hard to get it perfect

Some Aussie Info

I learnt some things about Australia that I was not aware of recently.

For example, Melbourne as with Christchurch, was quite capable of having its own quite significant seismic tremor, when most of the population (prior to recent events), of the respective countries would not have thought that an earthquake was a thing you would associate with those cities.

Similarly, with Ipomea cneorum (more correctly Convolvulus cneorum), I had not appreciated that it was so widespread and popular in Australia.

Unlike other species in the genus, it is an evergreen shrub rather than a vine. It forms a low mound of approximately 1.1m and covers itself in white flowers (with a hint of yellow in the throat). The most distinctive feature of the plant are its grey green leaves which are covered in fine hairs, giving the plant a distinct silvery appearance. It is one of those useful dry loving plants with an attractive silver shimmer that captures attention in a landscape.


Ipomea cneorum

Tell It By Its Teeth

Not how old it is but what species it is. Our growing association with Lomandra has resulted in a closer understanding of the subtleties that exist between species. Lomandra longifolia (of which Tanika is the most famous) and Lomandra hystrix are closely related, are found to occur naturally in similar areas and probably hybridize freely.

There is an easy way to tell them apart, their teeth.

You will have noticed that the tips of Lomandra leaves are serrated, or tooth like at the tips.

L. hystrix has teeth on each side of the longer main point end, whereas that of L. longifolia has side teeth equal if not longer than the central one forming something resembling a W shape.

Interestingly, indigenous Australians (the ones that predated the convicts) ground the seed of Lomandra to use in damper or bush bread", creating a dough which was then baked in the coals of a camp fire.

They also used the fibrous leaves in a similar way to how Maori used Phormium or flax leaves to create woven receptacles and bindings.

We have some Lomandra 'Tanika' and some Ipomea cneorum available at the time of writing this.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Tasty Lomandra Bread

Lomandra have multiple uses

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