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Lyndale Blog - November 2020

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Where From And Where To Next?

With a year that is rapidly approaching its end, it is timely to look back and wonder where did that come from and what will happen next? The nursery industry has certainly been at the beneficial end of a pandemic shock that has and continues to rock the world which for many (and I refer globally and locally), has resulted in either a reconnection with their garden or a new bond being formed.

Retailers have scrambled to shore up their dwindling stock of green goods only to find that the wholesale nurseries cupboards were bare.

This is what happens when you limit production for six weeks and then follow up with unprecedented winter demand for plants of all shapes and sizes.

What a good problem to have, and long may it continue.


Pretty much sums up 2020

Politics Done But Not Dusted

We now know that what the political polls were indicating might happen, did by and large happen, only in a bigger way.

Hardly surprising when for the past eight months Jacinda Ardern has been the lady with the lamp, leading a trembling country through all the alert levels with "Saint” Ashley Bloomfield beside her. They have done well, but I did and continue to find it irritating the way Ardern talks somewhat patronisingly to the press and public like a primary school teacher would to a class of infants.

It is also now so easy to forget that Auckland suffered two lockdowns, one with the rest of the country followed some 102 days later by its own not quite so severe version. It would be nice to think that those of you who live south of the Bombay Hills might spare a thought for us Aucklanders.

Oh, come on, you can at least evince some sympathy for us poor souls!

Aucklanders have suffered a second lockdown, a disproportionate number of jobless, with many businesses (especially hospitality) going bust, and then the Harbour Bridge losing half its lanes, provoking traffic carnage.

Virtually ever since the Harbour Bridge opened in 1959, Aucklanders have talked about the need for an additional harbour crossing. More than sixty years have passed and little has been done to achieve this by any political parties in power during those decades.

For the past several years there has been blathering about a road and rail tunnel under the Waitemata Harbour, which had it actually been built instead of just endlessly talked about, we would have averted the disastrous economic impact of the bridge problem coupled with Covid-19.

In regard to that annoying phrase "shovel-ready-project”, the prospective tunnel would be just that. It is a massive infrastructure project that would pour much needed billions of dollars into Auckland and save the country a fortune by unclogging our biggest city’s roads.


Selfie Queen

Saint Ashley

Less talky more doey

Trends To Be Aware Of

Bees are extremely important to the continued existence of us humans, as we know ourselves on planet earth. If you had asked most people to name the greatest threat to our bees they would probably guess the use of neonicotinoids - synthetic insecticides chemically similar to nicotine that have been banned in the European Union because of their effect on pollinators.

Which is why Switzerland is about to hold a binding referendum on a proposed ban on all synthetic insecticides. This will be an interesting experiment to watch, as it is quite likely that in the short term Switzerland will lose the ability to grow a whole range of different crops commercially due to the need for pesticides and herbicides in their growing environment for those specific crops. Swiss growers will need to radically change how they grow things and who knows, it may be that way of the future which we can all learn from.

If you ask an Apiarist in NZ, what is the biggest threat to our bees? They would answer, the Varroa mite. They might also go on to say that the Varroa is a disgusting fat-sucking parasite that lies about in its own poo, and was only discovered in NZ in 2000 and yet whose damage to the economy was estimated in 2012 by the then MAF to be as much as $900 million. Surely a failed grade for biosecurity in NZ.

The good news is that the above mentioned reaction to synthetic pesticides is a thing that might happen in Switzerland and we can all watch and learn.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team


Happy Bee = Happy Planet

Varroa mite

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