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What a Difference a Day Makes

Nothing can be more graphic than the change from business life as normal to full blown lockdown experienced again from August 18.
While we have had experience of this situation dating back to March 2020, the big difference for us and most involved in the ornamental Horticulture industry is that we are just moving into spring mode, our prime selling and production time. Goodness knows we have not got over the 4 week hiatus in production from March 2020 followed by extended demand through that winter.

This emptied nurseries and certainly in the case of Lyndale we have not been able to do much more than create plants to replace what we are selling, the fat in the "bank" in the form of plants on the ground surplus to orders has gone.

In many ways this is not a bad thing unless you are a landscaper or nursery who has a requirement that had not been foreseen and ordered some 12 to 18 months ago. The fat has gone.

How did we regress back to this situation of Level 4 lockdown? The persistent gulf between what gets decided in Wellington and what is actually happening on the ground has smashed our once globally envied progress against this pandemic. It is clear that the government's ability to demand excellence in response from business (across a whole host of issues) has highlighted its own dismal shortcomings.


Fullblown lockdown experience

Key selling & propagation
time locked out

The ever widening gap
between reality and rhetoric

Who Inspects the Gatekeepers?

We are continually monitored by MPI for our Transitional facility (landing unopened containers on site) and for our PEQ (Post Entry Quarantine for plants crossing our border) facility, yet when it comes to the government controlled MIQ (Managed Isolation Quarantine for people crossing our border), what happened to the inspectors?

Do they exist? If yes, they seem especially and uncharacteristically blind to such obvious nonsense as having public thoroughfares right next to an exercise area at the Crowne Plaza, a MIQ facility in downtown Auckland.

Whereas any of us who are engaged in regularly bringing plants through the biosecurity screen into NZ are constantly reminded of the potential risk to the environment and that we are involved in managing this, this government and especially the Department of Health have shown themselves to be incompetent and oblivious to risk in their repeated mishandling of this great threat to human health and wellbeing.

I can't help but cynically think that if it was the jobs and livelihoods of those employed by the Government or the politicians themselves at risk here, we would not be in Level 4 lockdown yet again. A more controlled effective MIQ would have resulted preventing this latest economic misadventure.

Instead all business will suffer but it is small to medium size businesses that really take the hit. Yet another group of SMBs will find another month of no trading too hard and will disappear.


Who inspects the gatekeepers?

Always a good option

Despite the Above

We do have a short list of plants available. We publish this on the basis that we will despatch orders on a as soon as we are able basis.

Custom Mix continues to produce potting mix for those that create food crops or are involved in the Supermarket supply chain. However, when the restrictions are removed the demands of a pent up spring will result in a scrum of epic proportions. Consider placing orders for mix for an ASAP basis, it will allow us to better manage the flow of product and most importantly the flow of the raw ingredients.


Silver Linings

One is that the dangerously stretched supply chain may get a chance to grab a breath and build up stock of imported items such as peat and coir fibre, fertilizer and hardware items, as demand is temporarily eased.

Another positive is that wholesale nurseries will hold the upper hand in the supply chain (when it re-emerges from COVID Level 4) and one hopes it is only a matter of time before we see wholesale suppliers band together and question the Big Box stores demand to be paid rebates on sales volumes. This may be wistful thinking on my part, however if it is ever to happen it could be now.

Kind regards
The Lyndale Team

PS One pallet of 240 nursery industry trays left.
PPS Our online catalogue has been updated


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