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Essen Again

The trek to Essen, Germany in late January is tough on a number of fronts.

Leaving the kind of summer that has people comparing it to the summers of their childhoods, for a moderately cold German winter is tough.

The 25 hours flying never gets any easier, it's tough.

But the people you get to spend time with and the pure buzz and excitement of horticultural possibilities makes the tough bits disappear.

However, it's sure nice to be home.

This year after the four day Essen show I got to spend a lovely few days hanging out with my daughter and her partner in Berlin where they live.

Check out to see the business that my daughter has created from her Berlin base. Yes, I am a very proud Dad.

From Berlin to Billund in Denmark (colder then Berlin) and visits to our licensed growers of Lavender 'Thumbelina Leigh'.

Perhaps it's no coincidence that this lavender has done so well for a Danish grower when Thumbelina is a literary fairy tale by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson.

The Danish have succeeded in creating market space in the very competitive market place that is Europe.

Miniaturising plants in tiny pots has been a Danish specialty for many years, but it is the pure quality of the plant offering that makes a trip to Denmark so noteworthy.

As a country they are well placed to sell to their colder Scandinavian neighbours and also into the sought after market of Germany with whom they share a border, as do the Dutch on the other side of Germany.

Despite the cold, Denmark is also the home of Graff Kristensen A/S one of the world's leading breeders of Hibiscus (google

A third generation family business they really are a remarkable company led by their innovative plant breeding (check out the NZ hibiscus we have available this month).

Denmark of course is where co-founder of Kiwiflora, Morten Damsted was born, and is now buried.

So a special opportunity to visit his parents, brother and sister for the first time, and also Morten's final resting place.


Giant topiary

Danish Delight

Thumbelina mini

Amazing compact breeding work


England Then Home

NIAB, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany is a private agricultural/horticultural research facility that "puts science into practise" and is the sort of company that I wish we had in New Zealand as the work they do in applying science to growing makes me quite envious.

From their Cambridge facility they have been involved in PBR testing work under contract to the CPVO, that is the European Union agency that manages the European system of plant variety rights.

That work is most probably all about to end with Brexit.

What happens next is all up in the air as is just about everything to do with Brexit.

However, protecting a plant in Europe will get more expensive as it will now involve two applications - one in the UK and one in Europe



Back In NZ

Visiting breeders and nurseries in Europe makes me really appreciate how lucky we are in NZ to have the wealth of plant material that we do from which we can create new plant possibilities.

However, it also rams home the point that this resource is finite, with the tap for new plant material being well and truly turned off.

I have estimated in the past that to go through the process to get a new risk assessment done on something which requires that process (pretty well everything these days) would take 15 years.

I now believe I was wildly optimistic with that estimate. Under the present system, for ornamental plants, it would be more like 30 years, if ever!

However, there is a faint glimmer of hope that things might be changing as the powers that be realise how ridiculous this is.

That's a maybe, but watch this space.

Kind regards
Malcolm & the Lyndale Team



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