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2017 Annus Horribilis

Famously used by Queen Elizabeth II in 1992 to describe the year that saw Royal divorces and estranged wives featuring in the tabloids, clothed in not much more than what they were born wearing.

Annus horribilis would also describe 2017 for many in our industry.
Deaths (5 come to mind) were prevalent with age not being a factor in most circumstances.

Then there was the weather which saw winter turn into a simile of winter monsoon that could not help itself and extended into spring.

This was followed by a period of weather, initially welcome, which developed into a major examination of the effectiveness of Nursery irrigation systems, followed by a similar intense examination of regional water supplies.

However, we in New Zealand were not alone in working with nature.

The USA has faced a series of natural disasters in 2017 - hurricanes, floods, raging ongoing fires and of course a rather unnatural disaster in the form of Mr Trump, the chief protagonist and denier of climate change.


Annus Horribilis

Says is all

Onward and Upward

The Chinese New Year begins on February 16. We are told that a move from the whims and eccentricities of last year (year of the fire Rooster) are long forgotten as we move into the year of the earth Dog.

Dog years are not conducive to waste and unnecessary expense, but interestingly we can expect to witness the birth of new ambitious industrial projects completely remodelling the modes of production and exploration of energy resources!!

The year of the earth dog is repeated once every 60 years, offering, when it occurs, a new interpretation of our human condition, or so we are told if you read the Chinese horoscope over the New Year break.




I recently stumbled across a piece written by the wife of a New Plymouth plantsman.

It would appear that we do share a fondness for Podocarpus henkelii, but that would be about the end of what we could agree on.

Concentrating on the positive, this handsome Southern African Podocarpus is well suited to growing in Auckland and beyond.

While it is slowish growing, it has a lovely habit of growth that gives it a soft pendulous look.

We have used it quite extensively as a hedge planting at home.
We did plant it at 1.5 metre spacing and found it fills in the gaps surprisingly quickly, leaving a very acceptable hedge which is easily kept trimmed with a twice yearly pruning complements of a petrol powered hedge trimmer.

While it is not a suitable hedge for a very small town house, neither is Griselinia 'Broadway Mint'.

But unlike G. 'Broadway Mint', Podocarpus henkelii is very comfortable in dry conditions.

The extended dry spell we are transiting now will result in many dead Griselinia come winter as Phytophthora accounts for them, via their damaged roots.

Hence our driveway is lined with P. henkelii trimmed to approx. 2m tall by 0.6 deep. I love it.


Podocarpus henkelii


Late in 2017 a Garden Show returned to Auckland. I believe congratulations are in order for Kate Hillier and her team who put on a pretty darn good show for the first showing of a brand new event.
There were some magnificent standout gardens and lots to learn for some.

Well-done Kate!

Well here we are at the start of 2018, we hope you all have a prosperous year packed with fun, laughter and good health.

Kind regards
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team



Kate Hillier


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