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Changing of the Guard

Anyone who has been involved in the plant production industry in NZ for any length of time will realise that a certain commonality exists throughout the trade.


The average age of industry personnel has crept upwards due to the lack of significant numbers of young new blood coming in.

Lyndale is no different as its average age of employees (yes, I am on the payroll and not helping the average) has crept up.

This has usually been an OK thing as stability and experience are significant benefits to any business.

However, when certain milestones are met it is inevitable that people leave and a transition in knowledge, experience and vitality occurs.

Lyndale has just farewelled three senior members of its staff, one from our management team.

Denise Ellis has been with Lyndale for some 14 years and has made a significant contribution as our Despatch Manager.

Short in stature but endowed with lofty vocal cords, Denise managed a team that excelled in continuing to deliver the high quality plant standards that has become a hallmark synonymous with Lyndale.

Behind the scenes we had a team of propagators dedicated to plants that we produced by division.

Led by Peter Lees, a respected horticultural professional whose CV included Model Nurseries, Topline Nurseries, IHE (International Horticultural Enterprise), Northshore Nurseries and Lyndale; this team of two had an average age of 78 and that's just the New Zealand part of the career.

The other half of the equation being Mike Whittaker who was the owner of the local butchery until he retired from that career to follow a life-long desire to get involved with plant production.

Mike joined the Lyndale Team in 2001, some 16 and a bit years ago.


Denise Ellis

Peter Lees

Mike Whittaker

Stars of Summer

One of the benefits of having a warmer than normal summer is the amazing rate of growth achieved by plants that favour such climes.
Gardenia, especially 'Fragrant Star' has been outstanding this year.
G. 'Fragrant Star' has a huge perfume and is also hardier than many.

Of course the hardiest gardenia is G. 'Crown Jewel', being recorded in the United States as surviving minus 15°C; however, don't get too excited as we are sold out until November of this year. Order now if you are keen.

Hibiscus have also grown outstandingly well and there are a limited number available this month.

We also do not get many opportunities to offer Lomandra 'Tanika' as they are usually ordered so well in advance, however we have a limited number of 6cm plants that are looking for a home.

This plant has had a tremendous following in NZ since it was launched as landscapers and home gardeners alike realised its “bullet proof” potential.

Recently we had some of the breeders representatives visit and they were amazed at two things around Lomandra 'Tanika'.

First thing, how well it grew here, growing far taller than in Australia.
Secondly, how much it resembled some of the native NZ grasses, namely Carex secta.

There was a third thing. They had not seen lomandra trimmed with shears to give a topiary shaped effect.

Our local service station, or those that maintain the garden surrounds seem to specialize in the art of lomandra sculpture, and I must tell you it's not half bad.


Gardenia 'Fragrant Star'

Gardenia 'Fragrant Star'

Tanika sculpture

Dahlia Patch

We have repeated the exercise of planting out rows upon rows of
Dr Keith Hammett bred dahlia in the pursuit of creating series of unique colour and shape combination to start the process of exciting the world market on a new direction for dahlia breeding.

We are very lucky in NZ that we have such a world renowned breeder working on leading edge plant material right before our eyes.

Keep up the good work team Hammett!

Kind regards
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team


Dr Keith Hammett

Life Arounf the Nursery

Our Three Musketeers plus
Visitor from Denmark Jesper Slot from 3Kanten looking at possibilities with Dahlias

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