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Plant Importation

This continues to be a source of much concern to anyone that tries to work in this area.

The time that it takes from application to the issuing of a permit to import plant material, increased massively after the recent legal actions against MPI.

However, MPI have worked hard to rein this time lag in, such that now it sits at a level similar to pre-court cases.

Not that there is much you can import as so many of IHS (Import Health Standard) which is required to be met for any biosecurity risk goods are woefully out of date and need to be reassessed.

So tough luck if you happen to want to import something which does not have an IHS at all, such as in our case an Astelia or Libertia.


Don’t Hold Your Breath

I once wrote that I estimated that it would be 15 years from application date before an IHS would be formulated for any of the plant groups I had an interest in importing.

It would seem that I was far too conservative.

While the HSNO Act of 1996 and the Biosecurity Act of 1993, which was a world first in restating and reforming the laws relating to pests and other unwanted organisms, has done an efficient job of applying an intense focus to the issue of pest and disease entering NZ, it has over the years demonstrated some shortcomings.

Not the least of which is that the previously innovative Plant and Food Research organisation have lost the capability to research new potential crops for the ongoing good of New Zealand Inc.

What this means is that their focus is entirely directed at working with the established industries that currently thrive in NZ, i.e. Kiwifruit, Pipfruit, Potatoes, etc. Not working on the next export-earning, world leading super crop.

But this blog is not all about what or where a government CRI (Crown Research Institute) is doing or going, it is about plant producers in NZ and the fact that the same regulations that hobbled Plant and Food Research have also had a drastic and ongoing negative effect on private industry to be innovative and world leading.

There are a host of reasons as to why the Biosecurity Act should be reviewed and there is increasing pressure from within MPI to make this happen. Fingers Crossed, make it soon.



Essential Oils Outperforms Antibiotics

Four plant based essential oils have been shown to be effective alternatives to antibiotics for treating a range of commonly occurring pathogens in farmed fish.

Origanum vulgare, Eucalypus globulus, Melaleuca alternifolia and Lavandula angustifolia were found to be bacteriostatic or bactericidal to three common fish pathogens.

Origanum vulgare (Oregano) had the most effective antibacterial activity with a substantially better bactericidal outcome than the antibiotic tetracycline. Fish are only the start.


Plant Pills

Bunnings Road Show

I was recently asked to speak to a group of Bunnings staff on new plants and the difficulties of importing such things into NZ.

It was a light and breezy talk, aimed to give a quick review of just how far the global plant supply chain is spread.

My point I want to highlight is that Bunning’s management were taking the time to circulate their Green Goods staff through some of the bigger wholesale suppliers.

Primarily, so that they could have some understanding of what goes into the production of a plant prior to it appearing at their door, fully labelled and polished.

It was a worthwhile exercise and I for one was impressed with the interest level the team members showed throughout the day.

Intelligent questions and interactions gave me faith that at least one of the mega boxes had an eye for the future and an interest in upskilling its people in a way that could only enhance their ability to sell our Green Goods.


... and they’ve got trolleys too!


Shortest Day

Matariki or the rising appearance of the star cluster also known as Pleiades, signals the beginning of a new annual seasonal cycle. To kick off the new year some cracker frosts have chilled the country, great for getting rid of bugs, but a bit of a shock for us soft Aucklanders, driving back from Masterton watching the outside temperature reading. 5 Masterton, (3.00pm), 7 Napier, 0 to -1 Napier Taupo Rd, 2 Taupo, 4 Hamilton, 11 Auckland (10.45pm). Interesting.

Kind regards
Malcolm & the Lyndale Team



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