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Christmas/New Year Garden

One of the many nice things that happen at this time of year is the coincidental flowering time of three of my favourite summer plants.

Gardenia 'Crown Jewel', hits its straps to be a mass of fragrant white delight just prior to Christmas day.

This year sorely tested by tent flattening downpours of rain which attained tropic like proportions, the blooms came through without trauma.

We had a delightful Christmas at home, with family from afar and not so far, present. All admired the Gardenia and my second seasonal favourite, Agapanthus 'Pavlova'.

This (female) sterile beauty is not the first Agapanthus to flower but its tight flower formation which is reminiscent of Allium sp. announces its presence in our garden just prior to Christmas with a sturdy showing of wonderful pure white.

One of the truly great things about this Terry Hatch bred plant is the length of time it remains in flower. Sterility assists in ensuring a flower period that extends into March.

We have struggled to make any significant inroads overseas with this plant sadly, and I think the following capture the reasons why.

White Agapanthus are of less interest than deep blue in Europe and the USA. 'Pavlova' comes into flower as people are going on holiday and hence not buying so many plants.

Lastly and most significantly, it is relatively expensive to produce as there are few pups to divide off, so a combination TC/division multiplication programme is the only way to produce significant numbers.

So what is my third favourite? Dahlia 'Mystic Illusion'.

The stand out bright yellow against Hammett/Damsted scale 5 dark foliage is a pure delight that never fails to impress and delight visitors or myself.


Gardenia 'Crown Jewel'

Agapanthus 'Pavlova'

Dahlia 'Mystic Illusion'

Not so Delightful

Something that is poised to descend on employers as of April 1 (this is no April Fools joke) is the Domestic Violence-Victims Protection Bill.

Green MP Jan Logie first introduced the bill in question to parliament in 2016 and it has been passed by parliament and is expected to take effect on 1 April 2019.

While well-intentioned, this bill, which allows for up to ten days paid leave for domestic violence victims falls squarely on the heavily loaded shoulders of employers to fund.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman told parliament that "this bill says we will all share in the cost of supporting survivors and their families, allowing survivors to stay in the workforce whilst getting a little space and time to leave, regroup".

I can agree with the sentiment but it is blatantly wrong to say that we are all sharing in the cost of this new policy. We "all" are not sharing the cost.

We would all be sharing the cost if the government picked up the tab.

Surely if the Government really believe in this bill then they should fund it.

There are 528,170 employers (2017) in NZ out of a population of 4,793,700 (2017), which at best makes us 11% of the population.

I say at best as government stats tell us that 70% of employers employ no staff.

So if you follow the above, some 30% of that 11% (some 158,451) of the population of NZ are about to pay for what is surely a state responsibility.

Instead the cost is to be passed on to all employers who will be required to have policies in place for dealing with the effects of domestic violence on employees.

I do wish the Greens would focus on the big picture of saving our planet.

However, growing plants has to be a good start in doing something to save our planet, so for the sake of us all keep up the good work.

All the very best for a prosperous and healthy 2019.
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team


Jan Logie

Golriz Ghahraman

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