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Mother of All Labour Weekends

Wow, talk about one out of the bag! Labour weekends have a very mixed history and are at best unpredictable weather wise.

What is certain is that the gardening public are out in force when the sun shines, and shine it did.

I believe that the big box stores broke all their own sales records with national plant (tree and shrub) category sales totalling to a number that would have emptied two of New Zealand’s largest tree and shrub growers of their entire inventory.

That is fantastic and somewhat scary at the same time. Fantastic as everyone likes breaking sales records but scary as it highlights just how meagre the wholesale supply chain for trees, shrubs and perennials has become.

I would imagine that sharp category managers might be looking hard to see where they might secure enough products to contend with such demand.

I do not believe there is too much to surprise us here but it does highlight how many wholesalers have gone out of business and how the contract buying formula does not allow for sudden growth.

Contract buying is great for producers but the down side of course is that the contracted nurseries have cut out most of all speculative growing, with a high percentage of all stock on the ground sold in advance.


Blue sky views

Large gaps appearing

Looming Issues

This issue is not looming at all. It is upon us.

I am referring to the growing movement to ditch single use plastic bags, and this is just the start - see here.

Consumers are already making buying decisions that place recyclable packaging or minimal packaging ahead of non-biodegradable plastic packaging.

We have a friend who is toward the more extreme end of activism when she decides on matters of principle.

She (who remains nameless) has decided to make a stand on plastic packaging. She would like all product manufacturers to stop using plastics in their product presentations and makes the point by refusing to purchase products packaged in that manner.

BUT her protest is not passive, she will remove the product from the packaging and take it and the barcode to the checkout, often leaving the packaging in the hands of the checkout staff, or on the shelf, point made.


The last straw
(plastic ones in any case)

Already Happening

Hillier Nurseries in Hampshire UK has claimed to be the first hardy stock nursery in the UK to grow trees and shrubs commercially in recyclable pots.

The brown pots are apparently suitable for kerbside recycling collection as they are manufactured from a polypropylene containing no carbon black pigment that they claim is one of the problems with recycling normal black plastic pots.

The situation is far from clear in NZ as to what is recyclable and indeed if we have any capability as a country to recycle plastics.

We have as a nation, recently lost our recycling solutions for plastics, which consisted of basically dumping the material offshore, into both China and Malaysia. These countries have both said "enough, we don’t want your plastic anymore". This has left NZ with growing mountains of the stuff and no answer at this point in time.

The plant production industry is exposed here, as we are heavy users of plastics right through our supply chain.

Lyndale was an early pioneer with our biodegradable pots BUT we struggled to get consistent rates of degrading, meaning sometimes the pots broke down in the nursery and sometimes they lasted for multiple years, so back to plastics and peat composite pots that do degrade (but are not suitable for all plants).

However, an answer for young plant producers is not far away with several production systems available that look promising.

Watch this space.

Kind regards
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team


We all need to find
viable alternatives

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