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New Boss In The Beehive

We have a queen bee in the beehive, with an ambitious agenda of far reaching environmental policies "to confront a warming planet" says newly elected Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

The headline "New Zealand government to plant 100 million trees yearly" is hard to ignore for us plant producers.

It sounds great, but wait…

Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland, has gone down  a similar but less ambitious path by announcing "Million Trees", a programme aimed to green Auckland by planting 1 million predominantly native trees and shrubs across Auckland over three years.

But Phil Goff's press release (6th June) goes on to talk of the partnership with the Department of Corrections who apparently "will deliver nursery space for thousands of trees and shrubs."

The department will also provide "labour to assist with site preparation, planting and maintenance" through their prison and community offender service in Auckland.


Phil Goff knows a plant
when he sees it

Pot Up In The Lock Up

So once again the prison service with its government supported tax payer financed facilities will lead the charge to produce plants for Auckland and presumably New Zealand once Jacinda gets going on the 100 million trees to be planted.

How real is that?

However, all are very lofty ambitions, which we can all applaud except for the lack of discussion with the private sector.

Phil Goff's 1 million tress (fine print says over three years) is actually quite achievable within the existing resource of the existing private enterprise tax paying plant producers in this sector.

Perhaps there was a call to the head office of NZPPI (New Zealand Plant Producers Inc) but I doubt it.

Not currently in our stock
bed (I think…)

So What To Do?

As an industry, we need to make strong representation to the new Minister of Agriculture, Damien O'Connor, to ensure that tax paying private enterprise will be at the forefront of government initiatives to grow 100 million trees.

It is important our new government values the environment and the input needed to go into recreating green spaces i.e. trees and shrubs and recognises that this costs money.

Simply giving the job to those incarcerated in prison, or in Phil Goff's case asking for donations of plants to meet the million tree commitment he has made, is undermining the value of what we do.

There is a true cost involved in producing a plant and private enterprise unsupported by Lotto handouts or charitable trusts or the NZ tax payers in the case of Corrections labour force, carries that cost.  


Damien O'Connor
What to do?


Going Green

Once again from the Labour/Green/New Zealand First coalition government came the announcement of a proposed nationwide referendum of the legality status of cannabis for both medical and personal use.

Some facts: Cannabis is the fourth most widely used recreational drug in NZ after caffeine, alcohol and tobacco and the most widely used illegal drug.

NZ has the ninth highest cannabis consumption level in the world, so there is no shortage of demand for selected cultivars of high performing cannabis, should it become legal to grow it and possibly supply it through garden retailers.

An interesting possibility with the tide of public opinion seemingly to favour medical use of Cannabis and maybe more.

The USA is certainly a state by state mixture of response to the question of legality, however nothing is more certain then that world opinion is turning in favour of de-criminalization and relaxation of control.

Possibly a new growth area for plant producers, or will government try and control a potential revenue stream by allowing cannabis production only in  Department of Corrections nursery facilities utilizing the skill set that already exists?

Lots to ponder as we race towards Christmas and hopefully a drier month ahead.

Kind regards
Malcolm and the Lyndale Team


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