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We're truly passionate about plants and are are constantly searching the world for new plant varieties to bring to the New Zealand gardener, as well as cultivating our most loved native plants.

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Lyndale Nurseries 2017/18 Catalogue

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Echeveria subrigida 'Domingo'
Echeveria subrigida 'Domingo' Dry Garden Plant
This beautiful succulent forms solitary large rosettes of bluish leaves coated in a waxy white covering with contrasting orange and pink flowers in summer. Drought tolerant.
Hardy 0.3 x 0.3m
Echinacea 'White Swan'
Echinacea  'White Swan' Cutflower &/or foliage production Dry Garden Plant Bird Attracting
(Coneflower) A beautiful, fragrant perennial producing single stemmed blooms which mature from lime-green to cream then white. Plant en-masse for a great show in the garden.
Hardy 1 x 0.5m
Echinacea purpurea
Echinacea purpurea Groundcover Cutflower &/or foliage production Bird Attracting
(Purple Coneflower) Its stems hold solitary bright purple blooms with prominent conical centres, making a spectacular show if planted en masse. Believed to have medicinal qualities.
Hardy 1.2 x 0.5m
Syn. Rudbeckia purpurea
Escallonia 'Snowbud'
Escallonia  'Snowbud' Hedge & Shelter Plants
Gorgeous, low maintenance shrub with bright green foliage and masses of delicate white flowers in summer. Ideal as a specimen plant or used as a hedge.
Hardy 2 x 2m
Escallonia rubra 'Red Knight'
Escallonia rubra 'Red Knight' Hedge & Shelter Plants
Bushy, compact low maintenance shrub with glossy dark green foliage and masses of cherry-red flowers in summer. Ideal as a garden specimen or clipped to form a topiary feature.
Hardy 2 x 2m
Euonymus 'Emerald Gem'
Euonymus  'Emerald Gem' Hedge & Shelter Plants
Compact, evergreen shrub with small glossy mid-green leaves. Makes a lovely low maintenance hedge or can be grown in tubs. Trims well to shape and is great for topiary.
Hardy 0.5 x 0.5m
Euonymus 'Green Spires'
Euonymus  'Green Spires' New to catalogue to to market NZ Native
Columnar, multibranched shrub with small, glossy, dark green leaves. Grows into an upright, irregular spire. Makes a handsome irregular hedge or individual specimen.
Hardy 2.4 x 0.6m
Euphorbia lophogona 'Lipstick'
Euphorbia lophogona 'Lipstick' Dry Garden Plant New to catalogue to to market
Masses of lolly pink blooms are shown off to perfection against vibrant green leaves. Perfect for dry summers and will flower from late winter to the end of summer.
Hardy 1 x 1m
Records 11 - 18 of 18

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